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OMG Polymer Plastic Cricket Pitch

OMG Polymer Plastic Cricket Pitch

OMG plastic sports pitch surface


OMG plastic sports pitch tiles. Inter connecting artificial cricket surface tiles for outdoor use. Offers a solid play surface over hard or soft ground. Polymer 1ft x 1ft tiles (to 1.83m wide) to a choice of set lengths. Suitable for junior light ball (3.5oz) on its own, or senior seamed balls (5.5oz) if combined with a non turf top surface. Ideal click together plastic practice pitch platform without the need for a substantial ground base works.

OMG Cricket Pitch Specifications
Outdoor Specification Polymer Moulded
Pitch Width: 1.83m (6ft) UV Protection 7+yrs
Sizes: 7.3m / 10.98m / 14.64m Soft & Hard Base
Depth: 6mm Lightball & Dimpled

  Click together artificial non turf garden cricket pitch

The OMG perfomance plastic cricket matting is a throwdown solution for a portable garden cricket artificial cricket surface which offers good ball characteristics with a robust weatherproof construction.

Polymer artificial cricket pitches are an ideal lightball cricket platform laid over rough ground or sand. Suitable for hard surfaces, cement or tarmac. Provides all weather cricket practice, or can be used as a permanent pitch base foundation.
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  Equipment installation service

We offer a nationwide design and installation service for football pitches, tennis courts and cricket mat pitches. Artificial outdoor and indoor sports pitch areas for local authorities, schools, universities and public use sports and recreation facilities. Please call for more information and pricing.


Price + VAT. Includes standard delivery.

  We didnt want to instal a large cement base into our garden. The OMG pitch system offered a permanent all weather alternative surface..  

Paula Fielding - Kingston Upon Thames

Coconut Cricket Matting
Coconut Matting

Traditional 1.82m throwdown coconut matting.
£154.39 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Indoor Cricket Matting
Indoor Cricket Mat

Indoor Tournament tufted needle punched cricket mat.
£195.83 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Tufted Scrim Cricket Mat
Tufted Top Carpet

Tufted outdoor scrim backed artificial cricket mat.
£243.14 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Needle Punch Cricket Mat
Woven Top Carpet

Needle punched surface artificial cricket matting.
£241.67 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Composite IBC Shock Mat
Absorbent Mat

5.8kgs IBC composite shock absorbent matting.
£265.83 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Composite P IBC Shock Mat
Pro Absorbent Mat

Pro 6.4kgs IBC composite shock absorbent matting.
£324.17 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Matchbowl Non Turf Pitch
Scanabowl B Carpet

Matchbowl woven pro non turf practice pitch surface.
£275.00 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Pro Woven Non Turf Pitch
Wilton Pro Carpet

Woven pile non turf pro match pitch surface.
£949.17 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
IP Club Cricket Shock Pad
AP 10 Shock Pad

IP club under shock pad for non turf pitches.
£280.00 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Premier Cricket Shock Pad
Pro Shock Pad

Premier under shock padding for pro pitches.
£760.00 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
OMG Polymer Cricket Pitch
PVC Sports Surface

OMG outdoor 7.5m PVC artificial plastic cricket pitch.
£729.17 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Artificial Pitch Installation
Wicket Installations

Match & practice area non turf cricket pitch installation.
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Bowlers Throw Down Mats
Cricket run up mats

Rubber 1m throw down bowlers run up mats.
£18.33 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Wooden Cricket Mat Creel
Wooden Mat Creel

Wooden cricket matting roll storage creel.
£86.67 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Outdoor Matting Trolley
Outdoor Mat TrolleyOutdoor Mat Trolley

Outdoor heavy duty cricket matting trolley.
£96.50 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Cricket Mat Storage Trolley
Mat Storage Trolley

Steel multiple wheeled cricket mat trolley.
£133.50 + VAT including standard rate delivery 

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Basketball Goal Systems
Basketball equipment for sale

In ground heavy duty steel basketball net posts. Wall mounted goals for schools, parks & local authorities.
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Cricket Ground Equipment
Cricket equipment

Equipment for clubs & schools. Fixed & mobile cricket net cages. Non turf artificial cricket pitches.
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Multi Use Games Areas
Multi use games area

Anti vandal multi use games areas. Sports MUGA pitch arena design & construction. Activity playgrounds.
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School PE Equipment
School PE & Gymnasium Equipment

Schools PE gym climbing frames. Wall mounted wooden gymnasium bars. Sports flooring & matting.
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  Registered sports equipment supplier to local authorities and academy trusts.

Experts in the design and creation of outdoor basketball, cricket and sports recreation facilities. Undertaking indoor gymnasium PE and sports installations for schools, leisure centres and sports clubs. Indoor commercial FIBA basketball system installations for schools, sports centres and local authorities. We manufacture a large range of MUGA Multi Use Games Areas heavy duty play area and sports equipment with options to suit most commercial and public environments.£We provide enclosed basketball and cricket practice facilities, creating excellent artificial pitch and match areas nationwide.

We can also help provide annual equipment maintenance and servicing plan options for sports facilities with simple clear cost layouts.

Chas safety certified

Design is key to a versatile high take up sports facility. Getting the design right sets the standard for the following stages and helps iron out unforseen challenges and can also find improvements to facilities or identify cost saving opportunities.

We can help you plan each stage of a build at a pace thats practical. All stages of the installation are planned and budgeted with the client in mind with the focus on safety and quality.

We have a nationwide service for installation with a fully qualified team of trades including building services, electrical, drainage and sports surface experts. Specialist sports knowledge areas include indoor gymnasium and climbing equipment, sports flooring, outdoor stadia equipment, sports surfaces, cricket pitch design & professional basketball equipment.


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We welcome all local authority, HM government depts, health, education authority and district council purchase order payments and tender invitations.

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 Nationwide IOSH CHAS school & university PE & gymnasium equipment safety inspections & servicing available.

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