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Vortex Playground Spinner

Vortex Play Roundabout


Vortex steel tubular park area playground roundabout. Solid commercial park construction for schools, parks, clubs or public recreation areas. All colour options available. Ground fitted. Gripped floor base. Safety flooring recommended.

Vortex Roundabout OMG2491
1000L x 1000W x 2200H Age: 2yrs +
Area: 5000 x 5000 Area Req: 20m²

Roundabout construction

Conforms to British Safety Standards. Cements into ground with steel socket. FS installation available. Resilient anti vandal construction.


Price + VAT. Includes standard delivery.

  We find being outside with fresh air enjoying a healthy activity helps every other part of our junior students early years education..  

Jayne Lang - Whittle Le Woods

Orbitor Pole Spinner
Orbitor Pole Spinner

2+ yrs orbitor play area steel ground spinner OMG2490.
£2475.41 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Vortex Play Spinner
Vortex Play Spinner

2+ yrs vortex play area steel ground spinner OMG2491.
£2629.33 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Gravity Play Spinner
Gravity Play Spinner

2+ yrs gravity play area steel ground spinner OMG2492.
£3262.67 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Saturn Roundabout
Saturn Roundabout

2+ yrs saturn play area steel ground roundabout ERB01.
£3557.00 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Neptune Roundabout
Neptune Spinner

2+ yrs neptune steel ground roundabout ERB02.
£3535.67 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Pluto Roundabout
Pluto Roundabout

2+ yrs pluto play area steel ground roundabout ERB03.
£3723.00 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Mars Roundabout
Mars Roundabout

2+ yrs mars play area steel ground roundabout ERB04.
£5170.36 + VAT including standard rate delivery 
Mercury Roundabout
Mercury Roundabout

2+ yrs mercury steel ground roundabout ERB05.
£6632.33 + VAT including standard rate delivery 

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Basketball Goal Systems
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In ground heavy duty steel basketball net posts. Wall mounted goals for schools, parks & local authorities.
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  Registered sports equipment supplier to local authorities and academy trusts.

Experts in the design and creation of outdoor basketball, cricket and sports recreation facilities. Undertaking indoor gymnasium PE and sports installations for schools, leisure centres and sports clubs. Indoor commercial FIBA basketball system installations for schools, sports centres and local authorities. We manufacture a large range of MUGA Multi Use Games Areas heavy duty play area and sports equipment with options to suit most commercial and public environments. We provide enclosed basketball and cricket practice facilities, creating excellent artificial pitch and match areas nationwide.

We can also help provide annual equipment maintenance and servicing plan options for sports facilities with simple clear cost layouts.

Chas safety certified

Design is key to a versatile high take up sports facility. Getting the design right sets the standard for the following stages and helps iron out unforseen challenges and can also find improvements to facilities or identify cost saving opportunities.

We can help you plan each stage of a build at a pace thats practical. All stages of the installation are planned and budgeted with the client in mind with the focus on safety and quality.

We have a nationwide service for installation with a fully qualified team of trades including building services, electrical, drainage and sports surface experts. Specialist sports knowledge areas include indoor gymnasium and climbing equipment, sports flooring, outdoor stadia equipment, sports surfaces, cricket pitch design & professional basketball equipment.


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 Nationwide IOSH CHAS school & university PE & gymnasium equipment safety inspections & servicing available.

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